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Coffee drip station from

Coffee drip station

This coffee drip station from Hario is designed so small and simple that it will look cool on any kitchen counter.


The drip station is made of thick colorless acrylic. The drip tray itself is made of black ABS with a polished, perforated stainless steel surface.


The drip station comes with a heat-proof Hario coffee server in glass with olive tree handle and a Hario V60 01 coffee dripper in plastic. The dripper is suitable for 1-2 cups and is made from SANS (styrene-acrylonitrile resin) plastic. The dripper includes a measuring scoop.


Unlike other coffee drippers the V60 is completely cone shaped with a single large hole, which allows the tip of the paper filter to drop through; and is coated on the inside with spiral ribs to stop the paper filter from clinging to the sides which enables the coffee to drip into the server – or directly into the cup.


The strength of your coffee depends on the speed of your pouring. The slower you pour – the stronger the coffee gets. An opportunity to experiment how to make just the perfect cup of coffee.


One way to do it:
For one cup of coffee (app. 300 ml) you need 18 gram of coffee – grinded finer than espresso. Pour the hot water into the dripper with coffee. Depending on pouring speed and desired strength, the pouring and drip time should take no more than 3-4 minutes, which is more than instant coffee but with a so much better result: A good real tasting cup of coffee.


All parts are dishwasher safe – although the olive three handle on the glass server probably will stay more beautiful when washed by hand.


Coffee paper filters not included – but are also available at




Drip station
Width: 13,2 cm
Depth: 14 cm
Height: 18 cm


Coffee server
Diameter: 12,5 cm
Height: 12


Coffee dripper
Diameter: 9,5 cm
Height: 7,5 cm

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