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Coffee Dripper white

Kalita 102 ceramic coffee dripper in white.


This three hole dripper is perfect for making old school filtered coffee.


A three hole dripper enables a faster drip than an one hole dripper and is designed for stage pour which takes a few pours – but gives you the opportunity to control your coffee dripping depending on the way you pour the water. The inside ribs stop the paper filter from clinging to the sides and enables the coffee to drip into the server – or directly into the cup. Exercise will make you a true barista.


One way to do it:
After the first pour and 30 seconds of blooming – you pour a moderate amount of water starting from the center of the dripper moving in circles. Third stage is similar to the second – but pouring in bigger circles. This way you keep a deep layer of coffee grounds with least agitation. Add more water before all the water is dripped into the server and repeat this exercise until the coffee has the strength you prefer.


Suitable for 2-4 cups.


Dishwasher safe.


Filter papers not included – but are also available at


Diameter: 8 cm
Height: 11 cm

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